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Wealth Management and Financial Planning

To the RPS team Wealth Management and Financial Planning are terms that represent 2 of the 3 essential legs to the stool of the long term happiness and financial well-being each person is able to attain.

The 3rd leg represents the relationship with a trusted individual and team who has the necessary financial skills, longevity of experience through a variety of market conditions, a sincere care for the clients they work with and a business model focused on long-term services in contrast to commissions and up front fees.

Erik's 38+ years of providing such services has helped to define and consistently achieve these standards and ideally position us to walk with and provide guidance to our clients and their families through all that comes.

We also believe the utilization of leading edge financial planning and retirement income planning software to be key elements to enable financial professionals to consistently delivering highest quality analyses and forward focused outcomes.

We invite you to click HERE to view a 2 minute video describing the Financial Planning and Retirement Readiness software we utilize to provide this valuable deliverable to our clients.

RPS is as passionate about helping people define and experience the pathway to the lifetime of financial well-being they desire as we are grateful for the opportunities to plan and walk with them through all that comes.

We look forward to discussing these opportunities with you and to the chance to assist you in working toward the lifetime of financial well-being you desire.