Private Client Wealth Management

Client Centered
RPS’ culture and business practices rest in carefully listening to our clients and the needs they express, then delivering highest-quality, customized services to help meet their needs in a professional, caring manner.

Our customized, Private Client Wealth Management services include holistic consultations and guidance to assist individuals, couples and households in:
  • Achieving the balance you desire between funding your current wants and needs and funding the future finances you desire.
  • Successfully navigating your financial well-being in retirement, and throughout the remainder of your financial journey.
  • Experience peace of mind relative to finances during your working years and throughout retirement.

Highlights of our Private Client Wealth Management services include:
  • Comprehensive Financial Planning – Comprehensive review of assets, liabilities, cash flow needs, short and long-term goals through interactive and dynamic discussions relative to key planning concepts surrounding retirement such as, estate planning, education funding, and investment management.
  • Retirement Readiness Analysis –  These services are among the most helpful we can provide to assist people periodically throughout their working years, as it is far more beneficial to know if you’re on track for the retirement you desire when you can still make changes to effect it than it is to fall short in retirement.
Client Centered
  • Discretionary Portfolio Management – We take full responsibility for creating and managing our client’s funds based upon their specific risk tolerance, time horizon and withdrawal needs. Our portfolios generally consist of a customized blend of top-performing index and managed mutual funds and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).
  • Specific Case Planning  We guide our clients through specific-scope topics such as planning prior to, through or following a divorce, a business owner’s succession plan or most any unique set of circumstances our clients may be experiencing.
  • Succession Planning – Assist our client’s in planning for their lifelong financial accumulation as they desire, and assist heirs in receiving and prudently integrating them into their lives.