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Employer Sponsored Retirement Plans

Statistics consistently reflect that the majority of DOL retirement

plan audits result in fines, penalties and reimbursements to

employers that are often sizable and that the best chance for

most people to achieve the financial success they desire in

retirement is through their company retirement plan.

In light of these awareness's Retirement Plan Solutions

provides the following 3 tiers of services to assist the plan

fiduciaries, employers and employees in pursuing the success

they desire with and through their company retirement plan:

Plan Governance Support Services to Plan Fiduciaries that assist employers in developing and managing compliance directed retirement plans through the consistent delivery of processes and procedures designed to help meet Prudent Expert standards as efficiently and effectively as possible.

The U. S. Department Of Labor holds employers responsible for having the fiduciary expertise necessary to define and manage their ongoing fiduciary responsibilities; RPS’ has this experience and our business model includes serving in this capacity with our clients.

Support Services to Plan Operations Staff to achieve the efficient, effective plan operations employers desire, to provide lead support as challenges arise and to facilitate effective communications and the desired service model with all plan vendors.

Enrollment, Education and 1:1 Services to Employees; as statistics show the best chance for most people to pursue financial well-being at retirement is through their company retirement plan the employee enrollment, ongoing education and 1:1 services we provide set us apart and optimally position employees to pursue the success they desire, often in the least intrusive manner possible.