Employer Sponsored Retirement Plans

Client Centered
RPS’ focus and expertise optimally position us to provide a customized scope of services to employers’ 401k plans, 403b plans, profit sharing plans and traditional and cash balance defined benefit pension plans.

We deliver comprehensive suites of services unique to each of the following individuals and/or teams that together contribute to the success of their retirement plan:
  • Plan Fiduciaries  to assist them in meeting fiduciary and regulatory standards on an ongoing basis in the most efficient, effective manners possible.
  • Plan Operations Staff – to assist them in achieving and maintaining efficient, effective plan operations and successfully resolving challenges as they arise.
  • Company Employees – to assist them with enrollment, education, retirement readiness and personal planning services to guide them in achieving the financial outcomes they desire.
Client Centered
The outcomes we are able to achieve and consistently maintain as we provide services to our clients include:
  • Meeting the employer’s goals of success for themselves, their company and their employees.
  • Empowering employees to achieve financial success to maintain their lifestyle throughout retirement.
  • Simplifying asset allocation* decisions for plan participants by offering two choices:
    • A suite of diversified, individual category investments for participants who desire to select and monitor their own investment allocation.
    • A suite of managed funds where the investment selection, monitoring and allocation change services are performed by a professional money manager.
  • Maintaining total “all-in” plan expenses at, or below, industry averages.
  • Easing the burdens of plan fiduciaries, plan operations staff and employees who seek assistance and utilize RPS as a primary support contact.

*Asset allocation is an approach to help manage investment risk; it does not guarantee against investment loss.