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Mission Statement & Core Values

Mission Statement

To consistently dedicate the competence, expertise and genuine care of our staff to assist employers in the ongoing attainment of fiduciary standards for their company retirement plans, and to assist the private clients and the employees we serve in achieving the financial success they desire in their lives.

Core Values

Honesty To always speak truthfully
Respect To treat all people with care and respect at all times
Communication To communicate in candor, kindness, and to always listen carefully to understand how we can be of best benefit to others
Education To utilize the evolving knowledge and expertise we attain to educate employers, plan fiduciaries, and professionals as to the fiduciary standards for qualified plans, and the ongoing responsibility for pursuing them
Appreciation To genuinely appreciate all the gifts we’ve been given, including our Retirement Plan Solutions staff, the clients, employees, and vendors we work with, and the financial and personal benefits we are blessed with as a result of these relationships
Spiritedness To incorporate a positive professional, engaging spirit into all that we do