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Comprehensive Retirement Plan Services and Advice

Retirement Plan Solutions provides the following Comprehensive Retirement Plan Services and Advice on either a fully bundled basis, or on an individual or combined consulting services basis.

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Assistance with Plan Design, Administration and Operations

As change is constant, it is critical that the legal, compliance and design aspects of a plan are current, and that employers clearly understand important changes in regulations and evolving fiduciary standards. Retirement Plan Solutions will work with the plan administration firm to review the design and operational features of your company's plan, and help you find solutions to meet the needs of the plan.

Plan Level Benchmarking

Retirement Plan Solutions leverages their expertise and the powerful search and comparison tools available to enables plan sponsors to make provider decisions with effortlessness and ease. Our independent, revenue neutral business model helps to ensure objectivity in the information we provide, and aligns our interests with those of the clients we serve.

Investment Due Diligence

Monitoring investment performance, risk and expenses is a critical focus for retirement plan sponsors and fiduciaries. Retirement Plan Solutions assists plan sponsors in developing and maintaining a prudent investment due diligence process and supporting documentation. Retirement Plan Solutions will also help create a customized Investment Policy Statement that reflects these processes and procedures in develop and maintain the plan's investment strategy, which is codified in an investment policy statement.

Fiduciary Education and Assistance

Retirement Plan Solutions integrates fiduciary education and guidance into plan sponsor communications on an ongoing basis, and has the ability to incorporate a fiduciary oversight that seeks to deliver protection in plan management through independent guidance and monitoring.

Employee Communication and Education

A successful communication program is critical to the success of a company's retirement plan, and to the employees abilities to pursue the financial success they desire through it. Retirement Plan Solutions specializes in delivering highly effective employee enrollment, group education, individual employee assistance, and investment education through the LPL Corporate RIA (RPCP) for each individual employee group.

Maximize Executive Participation

Executives are often unable to contribute as much as they would like to their qualified retirement plan. Retirement Plan Solutions can help design and provide employee services and/or innovative plan design strategies to assist highly compensated employees in achieving the levels of contributions they desire.